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  • You're about to take a quick 10-question assessment designed to identify your BOSI Profile (how you are wired as an entrepreneur). Pick the statement that resonates most out of the 4 options presented.

    Be authentic. The more truthful your selections, the more relevant the insight you'll receive.

1 The reason I want to be an entrepreneur is:
  • a I would get to be my own boss while earning a consistent long-term income
  • b I could invent game-changing solutions for the world around me
  • c I’ll get to lead a huge team of people and drive them to perform at their best
  • d I’ll be able to get rich much faster than having a job
2 Of the skills below, my greatest strength is in:
  • a Leading a large team of people
  • b Being diligent at the tasks that need to get done
  • c Getting people to like me and have fun around me
  • d Designing and creating
3 In a team environment, I tend to be:
  • a The life of the party - the upbeat and positive one
  • b The person who takes control and tells the group what to do next
  • c The creative one who typically stays out of the limelight
  • d The person who gets the actual work done while everyone else talks and dreams about it
4 What I would like most about being an entrepreneur is:
  • a Making money in my pajamas or sitting on a beach sipping a cool drink knowing that I don’t have to work as hard anymore.
  • b Working with satisfied customers who enjoy the products/services I deliver to them.
  • c Leading a large team of people while solving complex problems and managing a ton of risk.
  • d Doing product development and creative work knowing that someone trustworthy is running my company for me.
5 The word that best describes me is:
  • a Inventive
  • b Promoter
  • c Leader
  • d Analytical
6 The celebrity entrepreneur I am most like is:
  • a Bill Gates: Expert. Someone who focused on one industry for his whole career.
  • b Marcus Lemonis: in the TV show The Profit – enterprising, controlling but highly successful.
  • c Steve Jobs: Genius. One who created breakthrough products with fanatical fans.
  • d Sir Richard Branson: Party Animal. All about taking big risks for a huge upside while having as much fun as possible.
7 The most likely way I would measure success is:
  • a How my product/service impacts the world. Good income along the way would be great, but money is not my main motivation.
  • b If I built one of the world’s most recognized brands.
  • c If I’ve made a ton of money by selling my company within 5 years so I don’t have to work again if I don’t want to.
  • d If I’m earning a consistent, high income for the long term
8 The type of business I am most likely to be involved in is:
  • a A customer-focused business that provides high-touch service.
  • b A business where I can make lots of money quickly
  • c A business that allows me to create and impact the world
  • d A high-growth company that I am driving every day
9 What will qualify me most to be an entrepreneur is:
  • a My proven track record of leadership and problem solving.
  • b My ability to come up with big ideas that can make a ton of money – fast.
  • c Expertise that I will study, apprentice and/or work hard to develop.
  • d A virtually limitless pipeline of product I can design.
10 I will be most comfortable with:
  • a A large corporate infrastructure (office, employees, expenses) that I run.
  • b A business partner who runs the company so I don’t have to.
  • c A stable small business with a predictable income stream.
  • d No staff and overhead to manage. I would rather be a one-person money making machine.
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