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i Instructions
  • You're about to take a quick 10-question assessment designed to identify your BOSI Profile (how you are wired as an entrepreneur). Pick the statement in each question closest to how you operate in business today.

    Be authentic. The more truthful your selections, the more relevant the insight you'll receive.

1 Why are you an entrepreneur today?
  • a I started my business so I could be my own boss and earn a bigger income than an employer could pay me.
  • b I really didn't plan on being a business owner. I was just doing something I loved and a business popped up around me.
  • c I am an entrepreneur because starting up, building and selling companies is what I have done with great success.
  • d An opportunity came along to make a ton of money and I couldn't pass it up.
2 Which best describes your business history?
  • a I have started up businesses in more than one industry. At least one of those businesses has broken past $5 million in revenues with me as CEO.
  • b I have spent a majority of my career in the same industry because of my expertise in that industry.
  • c I have started up businesses in more than one industry. Some did well and others did not.
  • d My life-passion drove me to start this business. I didn't have any significant business ownership history before coming into this.
3 Who are you most like?
  • a Sir Richard Branson - Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and willing to jump on anything that has a big upside potential.
  • b Marcus Lemonis - Controlling, industrious, big-thinker with a track record of having started up well adopted brands.
  • c Einstein - A mad scientist who isn't about making money - but rather about changing the world.
  • d Bob the Builder - Highly skilled at a primary trade. Well respected by peers. Considered an expert by customers.
4 Where do you spend most of your time?
  • a Prospecting and selling.
  • b Providing the primary product/service to customers/clients.
  • c Strategic issues and problem solving.
  • d Product development/R&D.
5 Which of these best describes your business style?
  • a Creative
  • b Coachable
  • c Controlling
  • d Collaborative
6 When it comes to sales, I prefer...?
  • a That most of it come from referrals.
  • b That most of it come from a sales team employed by me.
  • c I'm not sure. Sales is like a foreign language to me.
  • d That most of it come from automated marketing/selling systems.
7 Which statement best describes you?
  • a If I had the choice, I'd give up any potential fame and income just to have my product/service help others.
  • b I prefer designing my own business models over ones created by someone else.
  • c If someone brings me a high-payout income opportunity, my first instinct is to jump on board.
  • d I am quite analytical when it comes to making decisions.
8 When it comes to financing my business...
  • a I use personal savings and/or debt financing.
  • b I've looked to land investors but have struggled to get people to write checks.
  • c I don't really know what to do to finance a business.
  • d I use a combination of debt and equity financing and have very little trouble raising capital.
9 My ideal day would be spent:
  • a In the role of CEO - raising capital, handling investor relations, working with my executive team, dealing with any complex legal matters, building corporate strategy and ensuring it is executed flawlessly across all business units.
  • b Making money in my pajamas or sitting on a beach sipping a mai-tai knowing that my hard work for the past few years has paid off big time.
  • c Working with happy clients who enjoy the products/services we deliver to them.
  • d Doing product development and creative work knowing that someone trustworthy is running my company for me.
10 When it comes to full time employees...
  • a Having a big staff doesn't bother me. I thrive on managing a large infrastructure.
  • b Being a manager kills my creativity so I would love for someone else to run my company for me.
  • c I prefer a small administrative staff that handles the lower-payout, mundane activities of the business.
  • d I'd rather be a lean, mean, money-making machine without any employees and overhead headaches.
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