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  • You're about to take a quick 10-question assessment designed to identify your BOSI Profile (how you are wired as an entrepreneur). Pick the statement in each question closest to how you operate in business today.

    Be authentic. The more truthful your selections, the more relevant the insight you'll receive.

1 My employment history will show...
  • a Senior management positions in more than one company
  • b I was hired for my core expertise that came from specialized schooling, work experience, certification or licensing
  • c I tend to gravitate toward business development opportunities with high-income potential
  • d A track record of having designed several breakthrough products/services for my employer
2 My ideal day would be spent...
  • a In the "lab" of our business rather than in the business office or on the sales floor
  • b Driving the strategic direction of our company while solving complex business issues
  • c Focused on executing the important tasks of the day with excellence
  • d Outside the confines of a cubicle - making big deals happen while making a ton of money myself
3 The word that best describes me is
  • a Promoter
  • b Leader
  • c Expert
  • d Inventor
4 I like to be recognized most for...
  • a How well I perform my assigned tasks and milestones
  • b The impact my ideation had on the company and its customers
  • c How well I managed my P&L and led my team
  • d The amount of new business I drove into the company
5 The "people" issue that drives me nuts the most is...
  • a Buyers who slow down or kill the sales process
  • b Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants people who don't stop to consider the impact of their rash decisions
  • c Managers who care more about profits than product quality
  • d Team members who don't do what I tell them to do
6 The business environment I am best suited for is...
  • a Designing and leading the launch of a new product, division or company.
  • b Being at the right place at the right time with a breakthrough product to market/sell
  • c A safe and stable corporate environment where I can do my job well
  • d A highly creative space where I am free to design and develop products without budget and time restrictions
7 My biggest strength lies in...
  • a Execution - making things happen day-in-and-day-out
  • b Leadership - managing hard-to-manage people
  • c Promotion - being a rainmaker for my company
  • d Innovation - designing breakthrough products/services
8 My ideal compensation plan would include...
  • a Base salary plus a percentage of profits from products I helped create
  • b Limitless income potential based on my ability to drive new revenues
  • c Base salary plus bonuses for good work performance
  • d Base salary plus bonuses for how well I managed my team and P&L
9 Which statement best describes you?
  • a When job hunting, it is hard to stand out in a crowded marketplace of candidates whose resumes show comparable credentials/experience
  • b I admire people who are gifted with management, operations and sales skills. I prefer to be in the background
  • c Employees are important but replaceable. I do not get emotionally attached to them
  • d I am extremely positive and optimistic. For me, the glass is always half full
10 Which statement also describes you most?
  • a I like being at the right place at the right time - making as much money as possible in the process
  • b I am quite analytical and methodical in my decision-making
  • c My greatest joy in business comes when I see something I created have a positive impact on the company or our customer
  • d When I look back over my management career, there has been high turnover in my staffing because they did not perform to my expectations
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