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i Instructions
  • You're about to take a quick 10-question assessment designed to identify your BOSI Profile (how you are wired as an entrepreneur). Pick the statement that resonates most out of the 4 options presented.

    Be authentic. The more truthful your selections, the more relevant the insight you'll receive.

1 The reason I want to start a business is:
  • a I developed an expertise through schooling, work experience, apprenticeship, certification or licensure. Now I want to be my own boss.
  • b I discovered/invented a product/service that everyone around me is very excited about - and the demand for this discovery/invention is virtually forcing me to start a company around it.
  • c Having built ventures for my employer(s) from the ground up, I now plan to build one from the ground up for myself.
  • d I want to have a limitless income earning potential and make a ton of money so I can live a carefree lifestyle.
2 Of the skills below, my greatest strength is in:
  • a Leading “hard to lead” people
  • b Providing my main product/service to my customer
  • c Promoting things I believe in
  • d Product development/R&D
3 About your business model (how the business makes money)
  • a The business opportunity I am considering has a ready-made, plug-and-play business model.
  • b I designed my company's business model from the ground up.
  • c I am struggling to figure out the best business model around my product/service.
  • d The business model for my company will be quite similar to others in my industry.
4 My ideal day as an entrepreneur will be spent:
  • a Making money in my pajamas or sitting on a beach sipping a mai-tai knowing that my hard work has resulted in a big payday.
  • b Working with satisfied clients who enjoy the products/services I deliver to them.
  • c As leader of a large multi-national company: Raising capital, handling investor relations, working with my executive team, dealing with any complex legal matters, building corporate strategy and ensuring it is executed flawlessly across all business units.
  • d Doing product development and creative work knowing that someone trustworthy is running my company for me.
5 The word that best describes me is:
  • a Inventor
  • b Promoter
  • c Leader
  • d Expert
6 My current resume shows
  • a Strong expertise in my area of work experience, education and training.
  • b Significant P&L and management responsibility.
  • c A “portfolio” of innovative products/services.
  • d A background in business development.
7 My goal in business is to:
  • a Have my product/service impact the world. Good income along the way would be great, but income is not my main motivation.
  • b Build one of the world's most recognized brands.
  • c Earn a ton of money in the next five years so I don't have to work again if I don't want to.
  • d Earn a consistent, high annual income for the next 20+ years of my career.
8 The ideal business for me is...
  • a A customer-focused business that provides high-touch service.
  • b A business opportunity that has an established track record that I can plug into and make money right away.
  • c A company that brings products/services I have designed to the marketplace without me having to run the company.
  • d A startup that I conceptualize and build from the ground up.
9 What qualifies me most to be an entrepreneur/owner-operator is
  • a My MBA and/or past management experience with multi-million dollar P&L responsibility.
  • b My ability to come up with big ideas that can make a ton of money.
  • c My expertise that I have studied, apprenticed and/or worked hard to develop.
  • d I really don't feel qualified to own a business, but people want to pay me for what I offer so I need to set up a business for that reason.
10 My human resources plan calls for:
  • a A C-level team of well compensated executives managing their teams and business units.
  • b I have no idea how to put a human resources plan together. Right now, I'm just planning on having some trusted friends and family help out.
  • c Administrative/office management staff plus some skilled labor.
  • d No staff and overhead. I plan to be a one-person money making machine.
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