BOSIdna is the breakthrough social networking and collaboration platform where entrepreneurs from around the world can connect, learn and grow. BOSI is the acronym for Builder, Opportunist, Specialist and Innovator - the four cognitive segments of entrepreneurs discovered by serial entrepreneur and author, Joe Abraham.

Joe Abraham

I Innovator B Builder

About IB entrepreneurs

Innovator-Builders (IB) are a rare group of entrepreneurs. They are part mad scientist and part business builder. They tend to discover revolutionary products and services and deliver them to their customer in scalable ways. IB entrepreneurs do not spend a tremendous amount of time networking and collaborating. They tend to maintain a close network of trusted peers and advisors.
The Entrepreneur's Biggest Fan

Business Vitals

Title: Founder
Industry: Consulting
Stage of Business: year 3-5
What we do: Equipping the entrepreneurial eco-system with the awesome power of BOSI

About Me

My superpower is: Entrepreneurial DNA
Personal Blog/Website:
The topic I love talking about: Entrepreneurship
My celebrity clone: Cap'n Jean-Luc Picard (cause my wife thinks he's hot)

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